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Hi, I am Marilyn McLaughlin, founder of ALL BODIES MOVE!

I come to you with over 30 years of experience in the fields of Art and Wellness practice as a: Certified Movement Analyst; Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator; Group Drumming Wellness Program Facilitator; University Movement Educator (LMU, Otis College of Art and Design); Creator of Drumming Into Stillness™ and All Bodies Dance!™; Certified Personal Trainer – NASM; Senior Fitness Specialist; State Certified Massage Therapist; Certified FallProof! Instructor; and Balance and Mobility Specialist.

My talent lies in using the tools of my trade, as a wellness specialist and artist in collaboration with other experts in the fields of arts, wellness and corporate coaching, to create unique programs and events specifically suited to your needs and enable you to do what you do, better!  I bring a facile and flexible point of view, along with a bountiful toolbox of skill and experience, that enables us to assess, coach and serve your unique needs.  From diversity and engagement programs to wellness, stress reduction and creative innovation training, we develop a highly customized plan that fits you like a glove. If you are looking for cutting edge, grounded solutions to take you, your family, or organization to the next level of action – I am excited to facilitate your next steps.

“Marilyn has such warm, lovely energy. She works beautifully with the diverse energy and needs of all participants.
I am feeling very invigorated, balanced and in harmony.”

“I had a hard time imagining how we could do both, but it was so natural to flow from drumming as a group into a quiet meditation.”

“I loved the blend of rhythm and movement and meditation.
I was really surprised by the power and fun of percussion. What a unique approach to mindfulness meditation.”

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