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Fall Prevention & Balance

website-image-balancerev2Fall Prevention and Balance

All Bodies Balance! Learning balance has never been such fun.


Falls are the third leading cause of death in people age 65 and up. Fall risk reduction is something most people at midlife and beyond don’t want to think about. Or they assume that they don’t need to think about it….yet. It means our bodies are indeed changing in ways that we fear, over time, we may not be able to control. It means that we are indeed, growing older whether we like it or not.  But here is a different, and dare I say, more exciting way to think about it.

Questions I often encounter
• I am only 52. Isn’t it too early for me to be thinking about this?
• Isn’t balance training and fall prevention just for old, frail people who are high risk and have already experienced a fall?
• I already do Pilates, Yoga, Silver Sneakers, etc., isn’t that enough?
• I fall from time to time, but it’s not big deal, I can get up.

Balance & Mobility Training – Embodied Awareness Practice
There are many things that contribute to the changes in our balance as we get older: injury, illness, changes in vision, medication etc… Some of these things are truly out of our control.  But there are 2 areas where we do have a huge amount of control- behavior and environment. It is for this reason that I like to think of fall risk reduction as embodied awareness practice.  This practice requires intensive skill building in terms of coordination, vision, and strategic interaction with our environment.  It challenges all of our sensory systems, while building non- negotiable strength, flexibility, and body awareness. It builds brain health by asking you to learn how to do things you have taken for granted until now, in a whole new way. And it takes on a whole new meaning, because, frankly, our lives depend on it. Now we must pay attention! And the wonderful news is: there is so much to learn!  We are invited to feel connected to our bodies, to our world, to the life around us, to our personal aliveness.

Whether you are taking action in early prevention, have been told you are a fall risk, or have already experienced a fall Balance & Mobility Training is one of the most important and beautiful gifts you can give to yourself. Its NEVER too early or too late to start.

All Bodies Balance! Balance and Mobility Specialist, Certified Fall Proof™ Instructor, Cal State Fullerton Center for Successful Aging
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