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Restorative Therapies

website-image-calm2revRestorative Therapies

All Bodies Calm. You have landed in good hands.


Therapeutic Massage

You can go to the local massage shop if you like. It might scratch that itch you have for touch and self care, but if you want an expert who has been at it for 24 years – with a diverse repertory of approaches for a broad range of touch therapy needs ranging from pure relaxation to deep tissue, trigger point therapy, pain relief and fibromyalgia – you have landed in good hands. There is nothing like receiving hands on therapy from a movement expert, who knows the body inside out both in motion and at rest!

Our treatment protocols include a thorough postural assessment, movement evaluation, and follow up home programs for true lasting change. All Touch Therapy services are provided in our home studio in Westchester, Los Angeles


This class is based in Laban Movement Studies, Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals, Self Myofacial and trigger point release, Dance, and meditation. This is a gentle somatic practice that facilitates active recuperation and recovery form daily stress. With guided exploration of the body, breath, and mind we take time to retreat from the outer world and come back into our own skin while reclaiming subtle sensation, connection, rhythm, and peace. If you love therapeutic gentle yoga, movement meditation, dance, somatic movement education, and mindfulness practice…you will find nirvana here. This class meets you right where you are.

In short, Marilyn is a miracle worker. She knows her way around a body, and her skilled fingers are relentless in targeting the true source of the most persistent pains. Don’t waste your money anywhere else, come to Marilyn first!
Rebekka Helford, LCSW, MFT


All Bodies Calm. RSMT, CLMA, CMT, State Certified, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy – St. John Method

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