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Drumming into Stillness

Drumming into Stillness

Linking ancient threads of rhythmic flow and presence

Discover the blissful connection of rhythmic flow and deep stillness. We alternate periods of riding simple grooves with stretches of mindful silence and sensory awareness colored by the inspirational power of the drum!  Relax, recharge, rejoice, renew, remember how to let go. Improvise and communicate through creative sound play in a safe supported environment. Throughout the ages, people of all cultures have played rhythm instruments for healing, meditation, creative play and communication. Come enjoy exhilarating evidence based programs that:

• Elevate mood
• Boost immunity
• Find deep stillness
• Stoke your creative fire!
• Strengthen neuro-plasticity 
• Release stress
• Discover community connection

A true weaving of creativity and wellness practices for people of all ages and abilities

Our drumming workshops are particularly effective for personal growth and community building in groups such as:

• Cancer support communities
• Mindfulness communities
• Yoga studios
• Teen recovery and addiction programs
• Caregiver support
• Corporate wellness and leadership retreats

No musical talent or prior experience is necessary. All instruments are provided.

“Drumming is a fun and easy way to enter states of concentration, flow, and bliss.
But combining drumming with formal meditation techniques allows you to sustain those states in daily life.” 

– Shinzen Young, Author of the Science of Enlightenment

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