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dance testimonials

As we get older it is imperative that we keep giving ourselves adventures in our life as “movers” so we can stay happy, inspired and in love with being alive. Whether you have danced your whole life or just wanted to start back moving again, this is the class for you. Marilyn is one of those incredible teachers who provides the time, space and expertise to get you back into your own, personal “body journey” to seek a new level of movement. Whirling and running, waltzing in slow motion or finding stillness with new levels of balance, I came away each night exhilarated and inspired by my physical capacity to express with my body that which no words could ever communicate. Thank you Marilyn for this gift.”
Winship Cook
“You are a brilliant light in my universe. You have given me the gift of dancing and moving freely and creatively. The gift of myself that was just waiting to be given. For this I am so grateful.”
Lisette Rabinow MFCC
“You have definitely opened a door, long waiting for someone with the key.  I hope to continue long into the future with you.  One last thing I noticed when I came home from class I always had such a great feeling of peace and connectedness to my body that I hadn’t felt before.  It was a new high for me a most pleasant.”
​Linda Cantrill, Spirited Balance Owner, Senior Movement Specialist​
“A great letting go of being “in my head” and allowing movement to flow from my heart.
Fredda Wasserman MA, MPH, LMFT, CT,  Our House Grief Support​ Clinical Director