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Teams & Groups

Innovation, Team Building and Personal Wellness


“Rhythm and its entrainment of movement (and often emotion), its power to move people in both senses of the word, may well have had a crucial cultural and economic function in human evolution, bringing people together, producing a sense of collectivity and community”
– Oliver Sacks, M.D., Author of
“Awakening” and “Music Ophelia”

Drumming into Stillness
Wellness and community connection through rhythmic play and mindfulness meditation practice.

Take your team or community to a whole new level of creativity and engagement by reconnecting participants with their bodies as innately creative, expressive and empathic instruments.  This is an experience accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Simply dancing together in an environment filled with mood enhancing music from all over the world to facilitate stress relief, fitness, self expression and mind/body connection provides rich opportunity for renewed motivation, passion and energy. Playing in new ways with fundamental creative movement concepts that are part of every day life  and applying them to a choreographic process that anyone can do, provides opportunity to break through habitual thinking and problem solving while stimulating new inroads to the creative innovation and group collaboration.

Innovation in Motion™
Build trust, empathy, collaboration and cohesion with embodied learning and expressive play through time tested methods of improvisation and composition. Embodied learning helps you do what you do, BETTER!
All Bodies Dance!
Simple dance class for everybody, with simple moves that anyone can do. Everyone is successful. Break out, use space, find your personal mojo and get your groove on. Energize, release stress, and promote healthy movement for all abilities. “Worlds best happy pill.”
Making Connections in Story and Motion
Building Teams and Community through personal story. Finding the unity in our diversity.
Movement Analysis for Improved Engagement and Communication
This deep and broad body of work provides a wealth of information for people in all walks of life including  actors, musicians, wellness coaches, physical therapists, expressive arts therapists, animators, engineers, trial lawyers, physiotherapists, Corporate CEO’s, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, team building and personal/group wellness.
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